The association

The association has the aim of:

  1. promoting, practicing and fostering investigative journalism as a fundamental ingredient for the correct functioning of an advanced democracy;

  2. contributing to public integrity and freedom of information;

  3. denouncing both activities linked to the organised crime and corruption within institutions and other spheres of power, in order to raise awareness on it among both media and the public opinion;

  4. promoting and developing a culture of transparency, accountability and accessibility of data and information, particularly in regard to governance and public administration in Italy;

  5. experimenting and finding sustainable business models and innovative practices for investigative journalism;

  6. fostering high-standards of journalism practices, particularly in the sphere of investigative journalism;

  7. putting into being complementary activities such as participation to conferences, workshops, festivals and cultural events in general.

The Association operates through:

  • coming up with, scheduling and carrying out investigations on topics related to corruption, organised crime, public spending, business and finance, healthcare, environment and society;

  • assigning to a single journalist or a team tasks for investigations;

  • conferring assignments and advice to experts and professionals in relation to the development of investigations and editorial products;

  • the circulation of the findings of its own investigations through Italian and international media and other means of disclosure;

  • publishing and distributing books, print, online and audiovisual material;

  • participating and/or organising conferences, congresses, courses, seminars, events, which have as subject journalism, in particular investigative journalism, or its findings;

  • networking and collaborating with other Italian and/or international, profit and no-profit organisations that share the institutional aims of the association;

  • accepting and managing donations and contributions from foundations, bodies, groups and editorial companies and/or individuals to support the activities carried out by the Association;

  • other actions and events aiming at the realisation of the statutory intents.


IRPI intends to become a reference point for journalists who are interested in investigative journalism. Our aim is to promote investigative journalism and to ensure that more stories of public interest are exposed. IRPI is open to any kind of project that reflects the principles of association (see above).

For those of you who would like to share with the members of IRPI ideas and proposals we have set up a “googlegroup” in order to create a community that participates in the activities of the association.

Since IRPI was born has received a large number of expressions of interest that brought IRPI’s crew to the need of making few points clear which are:

  1. we do not buy inquiries and we do not publich on our website: we are not a news organization,
  2. IRPI is not an intermediary towards the media organizations we cooperate with;
  3. we do not offer job nor take interns,
  4. at the present time we do not to accept new members in the association, if not on our invitation.

In order to exchange opinions, advises and info related to investigative journalism among IRPI members, collaborators and curious people, we have created a specific mailing list for all those who are interested in IRPI.

If you wish to be added into our mailing list, please write an email to with “IRPI NETWORK” in the subject field, make sure you explain to us the reasons why you want to be added and don’t forget to include your CV which will be used to introduce yourself to the rest of the community.