Milena Gabanelli (Italy)
Milena Gabanelli is an Italian investigative journalist and TV anchorwoman. She works as a freelancer for RAI (the Italian public television) running the weekly investigative TV show “Report”, of which she is the creator. She was allocated 20 awards, among which is the Ilaria Alpi Award (2001) and the Premio Reporteros del Mundo (2012).


Mark Lee Hunter (United States/France)
Mark Lee Hunter is a Paris-based author, award-winning investigative journalist and scholar. He is currently an Adjunct Professor and Senior Research Fellow at INSEAD. Hunter was awarded twice by the Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE).


David Leigh (United Kingdom)
David Leigh is the editor of the investigative section of The Guardian paper of London, and a former producer of World in Action, an investigative program of Britain’s Granada TV. Leigh dealt with Assange for the release on the Guardian of the US diplomatic cables on the Afghan and Irag wars, on the basis of his experience he co-authored the book “WikiLeaks: Inside Julian Assange’s War on Secrecy”.


Charles Lewis (United States)
Charles Lewis is a distinguished journalist in residence and the founding executive editor of the Investigative Reporting Workshop held at the American University of Washington, D.C. Lewis is also a former producer of ABC TV and CBS’ “60 minutes”. Moreover, Lewis is the founder of the Center for Public Integrity.


Serena Tinari (Switzerland/Italy)
Serena Tinari works as an investigative reporter at the tv-programme Rundschau for SRF, the Swiss-German public television. She previously worked at RSI, Swiss public broadcaster in Italian language. Tinari also teaches investigative journalism ethics, standards and techniques. One of her last documentaries, “, a Pandemic Business” won a special prize at the Daniel Pearl Award (2011).