The investigations follows two leads. In the first one, we tell about the activities of Italian broker Curio Pintus, sentenced for laundering money of Italian crume syndicate ‘ndrangheta 15 years ago. Today, Pintus still operates with his old friends through a US-based company, the Pintus Group LLC. With it, he came close to win a UN-led project for the fight against Ebola in Africa and approaches large companies on the verge of bankruptcy with the promise of large investments, only to misteriously step back shortly after.

In the second one, we take you to Senegal where Rome’s public company for the management of waste Ama and Italian company TirrenoAmbiente misused funds and caused environmental disasters. We discovered that the two companies belong to the galassy of Manlio Cerroni, a powerful and dodgy waste entrepreneur in Italy. From Senegal through Cote d’Ivoire to Italy, we tell about businessmen under investigation, associates close to narcotraffickers and important former managers.

The following are the outcomes of our investigation, available in Italian, Portuguese and French.

The Mafia Ambassador“, by Lorenzo Bagnoli, Lorenzo Bodrero and Craig Shaw
August 4, 2017

Le Groupe Pintus, des pieds et des mains pour entrer au Sénégal“, by Lorenzo Bagnoli, Lorenzo Bodrero and Momar Dieng.
August 8, 2016

L’Afrique et le Sénégal, cibles du Groupe Pintus“, by Lorenzo Bagnoli, Lorenzo Bodrero, Momar Dieng and Craig Shaw.
August 8, 2016

Brincar com o ébola“, by Lorenzo Bagnoli, Lorenzo Bodrero and Craig Shaw.
July 2, 2016