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71 Ndrangheta arrests in the rich north

Italian authorities have announced the arrest of 71 suspected members of the country’s most powerful crime syndicate on drug trafficking and money laundering charges.

Italian Police nabs ‘Ndrangheta fugitive

Francesco Strangio, 38, had been on the run for over a year since he was sentenced to 14 years in prison for masterminding a massive drug trafficking ring.

EU paid Italy at least €200.000 for migrant stunt

An analysis of data obtained through a Freedom of Information request revealed the size of the bill racked up by the Italian coastguard, which was called in to provide assistance in the politically-charged operation.

Italy arrests Giuseppe Pelle

He is one of the most well-known ‘Ndrangheta bosses who was wanted since 2016 when he received a 2.5-year prison sentence for attempted extortion and mafia affiliation.

Italy arrests Camorra member who hid in Mexico

A court in Verona sentenced in 2007 Salvatore Longo to more than nine years in prison for extortion and usury. He had acquired a new identity and lived in Mexico where he ran a pizza restaurant in Tijuana.

Italian authorities arrest 170 ‘Ndrangheta suspects

The clan was able to even infiltrate Germany. According to prosecutors, they completely controlled certain economic activities in Italy, including waste management, lodging, running migrants centres, and online gaming.

Italian authorities arrest 27 Cosa Nostra members

“The Mafia family of Santa Maria di Gesù is one of the strongest and oldest in the Cosa Nostra. It was able to reorganize internally after each police operation so far,” said Colonel Antonio Di Stasio, who led the operation.

Italy arrests the “Queen of Narcos”

Dressed in shorts and acting as tourists, agents kept their eyes peeled on the villa for a whole week, carefully following the moves of the woman who was taking care of the old lady living there.

Mafia boss: ‘The State is me’

From Calabria, the ‘Ndrangheta stretches its tentacles throughout Europe. We tell the story of a police operation that led to the bust of 116 of its alleged members and how ‘Ndrangheta operates a state within a state.

Italian Carabinieri arrest major ‘Ndrangheta drug boss

“U Capra” – or “the Goat” – had escaped arrest after being sentenced in 1994 to a jail term of 28 years and eight months for international drug trafficking. Authorities thought for long he was hiding in Germany or Latin America.

Police arrest 14 suspects of mafia links

Anti mafia prosecutors in Milan accused the arrested of money laundering, tax-related violations and criminal association with the Sicilian Cosa Nostra.

‘Ndrangheta boss arrested while having lunch

Rocco Barbaro has been fugitive since 2015, when he was sentenced for association in mafia and for a property fictitiously registered. The Italian Interior Minister shortlisted Barbaro among the 30 most dangerous fugitives in Italy.

Skyrocketing costs for returning EU migrants

The EU is spending millions forcibly sending people back to their home countries with one case costing up to €90,000 per head. An EUobserver probe of some 100 joint return flights coordinated by the EU’s border agency, Frontex, has revealed some startling facts.

Italian Police arrest Alcamo’s mafia boss

Police in Italy arrested Tuesday the boss of a Sicilian mafia family and five of his aids for extortion and for forcing people to vote in elections for a candidate close to the organization.

OCCRP wins Global Shining Light Award

Il centro di giornalismo di inchiesta Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) ha vinto il Global Light Shining Award

Italy: politicians among 44 arrested in tender rigging bust

Italian police have arrested 44 people suspected of involvement in an underworld scheme that rigged tenders and skimmed off huge sums of money from public works contracts, including tenders aimed at helping a recent influx of refugees to the country.

Rome: Camorra-style gang busted

Italian police have cracked open a Camorra-type crime gang based in Rome, arresting 61 suspects linked to the group. The clan is known as the “Napoletani of Tuscolana,” a borough of Rome.

Flight MH17, searching for the truth

For a long time, the crash site was a macabre killing field. The passengers´ bodies began to decompose in the hot Ukrainian summer as fighting continued – and people looted the luggage.

Major organized crime bust explodes no-mob-nn-Rome myth

The Carabinieri arrested 37 people and launched investigations against 100 others, a number that is expected to grow. The group includes members of a well-known criminal group along with politicians from the two main parties.

Italy: $14 million in assets seized after mob money laundering

According to Italian prosecutors, organized crime figures manipulated the bid process for a high-speed railway project related to the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, as well as a more recent tourism development project in northwestern Italy.

Camorra’s waste trafficking king jailed today

Cipriano Chianese was sent to jail today. He has been the entrepreneur who helped Camorra establishing trafficking of toxic and hazardous waste from the North of Italy and Europe to Campania, Italy.

The Sarajevo godfathers

The chronicles of recent trials give an insight on the state of organised crime in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in the rest of the Balkans.

Lazarat, the capital of Albanian marijuana

According to the Italian police, in Albania there are hundreds of marijuana plantations for export. One of the most renowned production centers is the village of Lazarat.

El viejo: Confessions of a cocaine trafficker

Captured in 1994 and sentenced to 17 years in high security prisons for international drug trafficking, El Viejo managed the logistics of cocaine cargos from production to delivery sites, trafficking cocaine by the tons.

Did the Mafia help Berlusconi rise to power?

Was Silvio Berlusconi’s rise to power founded on an “original sin” — a secret deal between politicians and the Mafia to stop its violence in exchange for political protection?

Keljmendi, the boss of the Balkans

After having escaped an operation by the Bosnian police, Naser Keljmendi was arrested in Kosovo on May 5th. He is accused of murder, drug trafficking and allegedly runs networks extended throughout the Balkans.

Italian trial looks at Mafia-State pact

Prosecutors allege politicians agreed to roll back laws targeting the Mafia in exchange for a cooling of violence. The potential outcomes of this trial could be devastating to officials and local Mafia.

Cocaine brokers revealed

El Viejo (the Old Man) is a former cocaine broker who knows exactly how it was done in the 1980s, before he was convicted of drug trafficking and sentenced to jail.

Torture and detention: CIA’s anti-terrorism campaign revealed

Snatching people off the streets. Hanging people from the ceiling. A man freezing to death alone on a concrete floor. This is the story of how the United States used its position to cajole, persuade, and strong-arm 54 other countries to take part in the CIA’s post-9/11 campaign of secret detention and torture.

Italy’s environmental disaster equals an HIV epidemic

The environmental disaster of Campania region, placed in the South of Italy – caused by years of illegal trafficking of toxic waste and endless waste emergencies – can be compared to an outbreak of HIV.

Does Italy host the best journalism conferences?

Faced with mounting unemployment and an old-fashioned media market, many journalists consider these meetings to be a wave of energy and an important resource for improving their skillsets.

FOIA: The fight for information in Italy

In this climate of change and need for transparency brought by the economic crisis and the previous decades of political corruption, now the wind of justice and transparency seems to be shaking the peninsula.

Mafias’ new front men

The dumping and trafficking of waste, illegal construction of roads, bridges and buildings, fraud in food products or control of the food market, crimes in the clean energy business, arson, trafficking of animals and archeological items.

Are Italian schools safe from earthquakes?

Only one out of ten schools in Italy, among those considered at risk, have undergone a seismology control. According to the Minister of infrastructures, 22,858 schools are considered highly at risk.

Criminal Belgrade

At the moment, there is a political void. There is still not a government and we do not know what will happen. In Serbia, the police cannot function on their own, like in northern European countries.

Rokkasho, between nuclear and research

The long-term Japanese plan of reprocessing radioactive waste is still waiting in Rokkasho. The village has become from 1980s onwards a centre for various energy developments, especially nuclear power.

Facing down the mafia

It’s a battle lasting for almost one and a half century the one between Italian mafias and the State. A war that has long gone over ordinary battlefields.

Japan earthquake shakes Italian media

The magnitude 9.0 earthquake that struck Japan on March 11 also shook major Italian media outlets as readers accused them of sensationalism and lack of professionalism.

The wave of reconstruction

Most of the survivors of the tsunami still live in temporary homes, some have already received permanent accommodation, others are gone and perhaps will never come back.