di Cecilia Anesi e Giulio Rubino

Cipriano Chianese was sent to jail today. He has been the entrepreneur who helped Camorra establishing trafficking of toxic and hazardous waste from the North of Italy and Europe to Campania, Italy.

In the 90s the trafficking started towards the areas of Villaricca, Giugliano and Qualiano, which were turned into the dump for the illegal deposit of hazardous waste following a Camorra plan. But disposal was then spread to a larger area, focusing along the domitian coast and in the “Triangolo della Morte” (triangle of death) made of three counties of Nola, Acerra, Marigliano. Only later it also spread to the so-called Terra dei Fuochi, another triangle made by the cities of Qualiano-Giugliano-Villaricca, today also reaching Nola and Marigliano counties, that daily becomes the a land where dump is set on fire. Chianese was one of the minds behind this perfect criminal plan.

In a phone tapping of 1988 between Francesco Schiavone (aka Sandokan) and his cousin Carmine (managing director of Casalesi Clan), talking about the chance of getting into the waste business as proposed by the entrepreneur Cipriano Chianese (a man connected to masonry, according to the accountant of Casalesi’s clan Dario De Simone , and supported by Silvio Berlusconi in 1994 when becomes part of Forza Italia and runs for Caserta’s elections ), Schiavone said: “What do they want to do? Poison Casale? No way.”

But two years later, once the land had started being poisoned by other clans of Camorra, also the Casalesi got into the business because didn’t accept others were gaining out of poisoning their common territory.

Extract from “The Regime of Emergency” script, by Giulio Rubino and Cecilia Anesi