di Ossigeno per l’Informazione

The Legal Assistance Office of Ossigeno has taken over the defense of freelance Lorenzo Bagnoli and Lorenzo Bodrero, authors of an article on L’Espresso.

For a journalist’s inquiry published on the weekly L’Espresso on July 22, 2016, freelance journalists Lorenzo Bagnoli and Craig Shaw and their collaborator Lorenzo Bodrero in February 2017 were sued for defamation by Sardinian financier Curio Pintus who, several times before publication, had warned them of publishing any information on his account.The weekly is not directly involved in the court action and has not taken the legal defense of the defendants. Bagnoli and Bodrero then turned to the Ossigeno’s Legal Assistance Office, which took over their defense in the light of the circumstances that would make appear this lawsuit as unfounded and spurious and the inability of the claimants to bear their own legal costs.The contested article summarizes some blatant results of a lengthy and well-documented investigation by the three journalists on behalf of the IRPI investigative journalism center, of which they are a part of and is funded by the the Belgian Association Journalismfund, which is an Ossigeno partner.The article entitled “Intrighi Internazionali. Imbroglio all’ONU” (International Intrigues. Scams at the UN), reports that Curio Pintus, which leads the Pintus Group, a Las Vegas-based financial company, would have had the prowess to win a public tender for a UN project to raise funds against the Ebola virus in Africa. The authors add that the project remained on paper, just like others earlier, with which however the company would have then been able to obtain credibility and investment from companies in distress interested in improving their image to obtain credit.

After the announcement of the lawsuit, Pintus sent to Bagnoli some messages with allegations, in an attempt to intimidate, declaring to be without precedent, promising to “make him go around the world to defend himself,” calling him “pseudo-journalist”, telling him that he now knows where he lives and that he will go find him to clarify the facts.