Journalistic investigations are expensive. Freedom of information is priceless.

IRPI’s work is made possible thanks to philantrophic contributions and donations by readers and supporters. You can donate to IRPI either via bank transfer or Paypal and contribute to an independent journalism.

Via bank transfer

IRPI – Investigative Reporting Project Italy
Banca Etica
Via dell’Angolo 74/r
50122 Firenze, Italy
IBAN: IT21I0501802800000011517521

Via Paypal

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For more in depth information about donations to IRPI or to discuss larger donations, please contact our fundraiser officer Alessandra Gerbo alessandra.gerbo[at]

We remind you that donations to IRPI are tax deductible under Italian Law.

How we spend your money

For each € donated, we spend about 60% to produce our investigations, the core of our work: travels and accommodations to places where our investigations take place, purchasing of public and private documents and of journalism tools, writing and fact-checking our articles. We are a charity organization made of journalists but some of us receive a refund to cover roles such as fundraiser, web editor, social network manager, press office. These refunds cover about 30% of that each euro donated. The remaining 10% covers the costs of our accountant, the renewal of servers and domains, applications for our website.