Tracking down what British investigators couldn’t, IRPI journalists pieced together how the modern Italian mob uses the British financial system to stash its ill-gotten cash.

The Righi family has been accused by the Antimafia prosecutors of Naples of laundering hundreds of million of euros on behalf of the Camorra organized crime group all over the world.

A global scheme in which the UK, and London more specifically, played a major role. It is here that since 2007 Antonio Righi and his close associates set up companies allegedly used to invest dirty money into very diverse activities, such as pizza restaurants or football clubs.

The investigation also shows how the rules on UK’s company registrations can be exploited by organized crime. Despite listing as officer ‘Banda Bassotti’, the Italian version of Disney’s cartoon Beagle Boys, one of the companies in which Righi appeared never came under scrutiny.

How the Camorra went global“, by Cecilia Anesi, Matteo Civillini and Giulio Rubino.
July 21, 2017