I was looking for leaders but I soon realized that leadership means to be the first one to act – Edward Snowden

It’s the whistleblowing platform of IRPI, the Italian center for investigative journalism, and created in collaboration with Hermes, the center for transparency and digital human rights.

We collect and analise tips and leaks about two macro-topics. We invite anyone who is aware and holds sensitive information about possible wrongdoings to send us a leak.

Choose the topic you wish to share information about by clicking the correspondent image below. Should the information you hold not to be about the following topics but you deem it of public interest, write to us by following the instructions.

We need your help.


Do you have sensitive information to share with us about other topics that you believe to be of public interest?

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What is it?

It’s a whistleblowing platform designed to receive leaks and tips on any wrongdoings about two topics. The topics will change over time. IrpiLeaks is a project by Irpi in collaboration with Hermes.


IrpiLeaks is based on the Globaleaks software. By using the browser Tor, it ensures the highest standards of security for transmitting and managing correspondence between the sender (you) and the recipient (IRPI). To send us a link, follow the instructions in this page.


A well informed public makes a country more democratic. Journalists alone, however, are not enough. The contribution of citizens is needed. Through IrpiLeaks you can let us know about wrongdoings, becoming yourself part of a virtuous process.