I was looking for leaders but I soon realized that leadership means to be the first one to act – Edward Snowden


Our editorial policy and the way we manage the information provided by the whistleblower.

Editorial policies

Investigative Reporting Project Italy (IRPI) only accepts restricted or censored material of political, scientific, environmental, ethical, diplomatic or historical significance. Rumor, opinion, stories and other kinds of first hand accounts or materials that are publicly available elsewhere will not be accepted. Materials which violate individual privacy will not be accepted unless they speak up on corruption and abuse that affects the public sphere.


  • IRPI will only accept materials through its online submission platform.
  • After the information has been received, all files are stored off-line until their content is analyzed.
  • Whistleblowers sending information can select the level of complexity and security when submitting files by choosing different methods and combinations that better suits their needs. IRPI recommends using the safest method possible and following the instructions enlisted in Sicurity for the Whistleblower (linkare) in order to further protect the identity of a source.
  • IRPI does not have any direct formal or legal connection with GlobaLeaks and its relations with the initiative are the same as any other modern media initiative willing to use their technology.


IRPI’s members will perform a thorough cross-check to verify whether the files correspond to true information or not, that is, if they are reliable. This will be done to the furthest extent possible, analyzing factors such possible motives for forgery, cost or difficulty of forgery. Should the case demands it, other opinions will be sought for.


In some cases, files sent by whistleblowers can be a threat to their own anonymity. In these cases, where content or meta-content can lead to the disclosure of a source’s identity, it is necessary to redact the information for their own safety.


  • If a batch of data has been cleared through the first three steps of data management it is ready to be analyzed by IRPI’s journalists.
  • What is important is the research into what are often very large files, the selection of key facts and the explanation of context so that the reader (public) may understand why these facts have been selected as relevant. Longer pieces will be considered as research or essays.


IRPI will try to make hard news out of the leaks it receives pitching to mainstream media information oriented pieces that lean as little as possible on the writer’s style, personal motivations or opinions.

Our commitment: to publish

IRPI is committed to have all information that it receives through IrpiLeaks that passes the required submission policies expressed above published offering news pieces to those media which could be interested in the topic in question.