The digital archive that stores, collects and allows to share documents related to Italian legal actions involving Mafia affiliates and clans.

The Investigative Reporting Project Italy (IRPI), a centre for investigative journalism based in Italy, is one of the winners of Google’s Digital News Initiative and will receive funding for its new project “Mafia Files”.

The fund, in its second edition, encourages high quality journalism and a more sustainable ecosystem through technology and innovation.

“Mafia Files” is a project aimed at creating a digital archive of records on organised crime and related people, which will allow IRPI’s journalists to collect, preserve, store and share a large amount of information on the topic. “Mafia Files” will also provide a service to the public. IRPI journalists will be able to put together on demand reports about specific criminal cases,clans and mafia members that are currently active in Italy or abroad.

Google support will be needed to establish a prototype and test it. The archive will then be launched with all its features and services fully active.

IRPI is a non-profit organisation devoted to the development of investigative reporting, the first of its kind in Italy. Born in 2012, IRPI today comprises 15 investigative journalists who are experimenting new approaches, production and distribution models of investigative reporting.

IRPI has established itself as an independent organisation, addressing a globalised citizenship through international media. IRPI digs into the interests that hide behind political or corporate policies and investigates illegal trafficking of any kind.

In order to investigate stories with a transnational angle, IRPI collaborates with journalists and investigative journalism organisations across the world.