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Our donors

IRPI’s investigations are mainly funded through applications to the, an independent non‐profit organisation established in 1998 with the purpose of stimulating in-depth cross-border journalism in Europe. Examples of these projects are: Mafias and the Far Right: The City of London Connection, Security for Sale, Mafia in Africa (co-funded by the Innovative Journalism Grant of the EJC), Mafia in Africa 2, EUROCRIMES – Exploring Criminal Worlds on the Continent, The African Line, Food for frauds, Gaza’s Gas: The EU’s Burned Millions.

In 2015, IRPI received a grant from the Open Society Foundations to finance the start of its fundraising. IRPI invested this grant money in the organisation’s long-term sustainability, contracting consultants to search and apply for more funding opportunities. In the same year, IRPI also got a small contribution from the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Italy to attend the Global Investigative Journalism Conference 2015 in Lillehammer.

In 2016, IRPI was selected among the recipients of the second round of the Google Digital News Initiative with the project Mafia Files, aiming at creating a digital archive of records on organised crime and related people.

IRPI has also received donations and contributions from its partners OCCRP (Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project) and Correctiv, two investigative journalism nonprofits based respectively in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Germany.

IRPI has been experimenting collaborations with NGOs too, especially on subjects like transparency, whistleblowing, corruption. In this sense, we have started a partnership with the Italian nonprofit Riparte il Futuro. We collaborate also with Hermes Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights and Diritto di Sapere, and we are members of the Global Investigative Journalism Network. In terms of media partners, we have frequent contacts in Italy with L’Espresso, Il Fatto Quotidiano and Lettera 43.

IRPI’s members pay a small contribution every year to renovate their adhesion to the organisation. Other sources of income are: crowdfunding (since we started, we ran three campaigns: IRPILeaks, ExpoLeaks and on Idobu – still active – there is the option to donate your birthday to IRPI); 5×1000 (a percentage of tax return Italians can give to nonprofits); individual donations; institutional activity, such as the publication of our investigations.

IRPI is extremely thankful to all its funders and supporters, without whom its existence would be deeply undermined. Each grant and donation are fundamental in helping the organisation further develop. The more donors we have, the more economically independent we are. And independency is among our key cornerstones. None of our donors, in fact, exerts any editorial influence over our work.


You can download here our Statute (in Italian).