The enigmatic route of Boudou’s table

by La Nacion in collaboration with IRPI

The Nomos table in the office of Amado Boudou.

With an investigation developed as a saga, the La Nacion of Argentina uncovers how the Vice President Amado Boudou has bought luxury furnitures for his office in the Argentinian Senate wasting more than 20.000 euros of public money.

In investigating the acquisition of a table of Italian design, payed about € 7.000, La Nacion was helped by IRPI in a cross-border research.

The table was bought from Zanotta Sudamerica SA, controlled by a group of entrepreuners considered close to the Argentinian government.

The route of Boudou’s table is really enigmatic. Three sources close to the operation, and not connected between them, claim that last year selling agents have been in Italy in order to buy the table under special requests of Boudou.

Twentyfive days before the official order of the table by the Senate, the agents have travelled with an Alitalia flight to Milano. Nevertheless proofs and pictures gathered by the journalists, the manager of Zanotta Sudamerica told La Nacion to have assembled the table with old pieces he had in his storage for more than ten years.

Boudou bought luxury fornitures using some Senate’s funds called ‘caja chica’, that are supposed to be used only for emergencies, according to the internal normative.

After having published the news on the table’s acquisition, the Vicepresident admitted to have bought luxury furnitures, assuring though that the use of ‘caja chica’ funds for other type of expenses is ‘a common practice’ in the Senate. “It looks I bought a table and a desk to bring them home. It was the office of the Senate that was too badly furnished”, the Vice President declared.

Moreover, the Vicepresident failed to inform the Justice body about the table, although had had already been suspected of having put a jacuzzi in the Senate, during an investigation on the refurbishing of the office. However he was cleared of charges with an expedited trailer.

You can read the original article and the complete investigation on La Nacion website.