We are a group of investigative journalists, our work is that of producing journalistic enquiries.

Whether commissioned by a third party or self-assessed, our investigations intend to inform our audience about any kind of wrongdoing, with a special focus on public affairs.

The format of our work ranges from written articles and reports, multimedia project as well as simple video-investigations, documentaries and even web-documentaries.

Fixing service

Some of our members offer individually fixing service for the whole of Italy.

They can help foreign journalists and news organisations with contacts, locations, records, data, language and bureaucracy issues for their stories involving Italy.

The service is offered in the following languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish, Japanese.


We also publish news about journalism, human rights violations and crimes, or news related to freedom of information and expression. Moreover we re-publish articles of interest that were written by our members and published on Italian or foreign media. In this section we also provide information about events and appointments so that you can follow IRPI’s activity with a close sight.