IRPI FIXING ITALY: what is it?

A media fixer is known to be a ‘professional tourist guide for journalists’ and an expert on the spot who offers assistance to foreign journalists who are trying to get a story in a specific place.

Often a fixer – usually a journalist who knows very well the area or the issue the media in need is touching – is a crucial aspect for the success of an investigation or an in-depth reportage, or even simply for quick news coverage that requires the media to know how to get on the spot without loosing time and resources.

A fixer knows the language and dialects of the area where he operates but most importantly he understands the social context. Through his own contacts, knowledge and experience the fixer gains an important role in the world of journalism – often assuring that dangerous situations are avoided or sensitive issues are dealt with in the right way. We all know this could even mean an interview, or a proof, gets harvested or lost for ever.

That said, the service offered by some IRPI’s members goes beyond traditional fixing: it’s a full journalistic support for media’s and journalists’ investigations, features or news coverage in Italy.

Those IRPI’s members providing fixing services are happy to support the research process, as well as the production process and even offer simple logistic support.

We have ideas and contacts, we know the local language, we are already on the ground and we can help your reporters save time and money while writing a story.

No matter if you are covering Italian elections, the consequences of austerity measures or doing an in-depth investigation on the Mafia: IRPI FIXING’s reporters are ready for it. And, last but not least, our reporters are all used to work on cross-border and transnational investigations, and thus we can also offer you transnational support.

Our ongoing collaboration with production houses allows us to offer full video production support through cameramen, sound technicians, video editors and producers.

Here is a list of the services offered by IRPI FIXING:

  • in depth research, both data-driven and fieldwork
  • consultancy (suggestions on crucial aspects to investigate, linked to our background knowledge of Italy)
  • access to documents
  • arranging/making of interviews
  • translation
  • authorisations/permits hard to get in the ‘byzantine’ Italian bureaucracy
  • logistic assistance (car and driver)
  • video production and editing

If interested, please get in touch with us via